On-Line TempVision

Accurately measures burner flame soot temperature providing real-time, practical temperature information. Facilitating constant optimization of flame temperature distribution, improving combustion efficiency, while reducing emissions and slagging issues

Portable TempVision

This system puts the power of the On-Line TempVision System in a mobile suite giving users the ability to take in-service measurements without permanent modification to the boiler.



Accurately detects burner flames at various stages of boler startup and operation. Delivering superb flame discrimination via a highly sensitive optical sensor, high temperature resistance, and automatic self-checking, the EZ-Flame detector maximizes safety and minimizes miaintenance requirements.


Is a fully integrated optical flame detection system, that combines the scanner and amplifier into one assembly precisely detecting any coal, gas, or oil burner flames, making it ideal for single and multple burner applications



Specifically created for boilers burning higher ash content coal, or operating in harsh environments. It provides smooth, trouble-free ignition for large coal-fired boilers, particularly tangential firing types.


With 33 joules of stored energy at 15 sparks per second, this power pack can effectively ignite your fuel whether it is gas and/or oil.


The Solenoid Valve Cabinet or SVC is engineered to safely control the movement of Safe-Fire's MB-3 Oil Gun and HESI. Its robust design not only protects it from the harsh elements of a power plant but it also allows it to reliably interact with your plants BMS.